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The Power of Positivity When Nothing Else Can Be Done - Betty Henderson Parade

ORLEANS - MAY 15, 2022 - There is a certainty for each and every one of us, and some can deal with it head-on, and others have a difficult time facing it. Death, the dreaded word for some, and others it marks the opening for different life beyond what we see here in the now.

Thom and Betty Henderson sit and wait for a parade to spread positive vibes on Sunday afternoon in Orleans, Indiana

For Betty Henderson, medicine has done all it can do, and now she is facing the reality of her cancer. Death may come calling for Betty in the near future. The cancer itself is spreading fast.

Betty tells anyone facing similar circumstances to stay positive

" Some people say I talk morbid, but I talk reality there is nothing to avoid here in my conversation," said Betty Henderson, Orleans. The 57-year-old Orleans woman has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. " There is nothing that can be done for me, my kidneys are now shot, and they can only keep me comfortable,"

" I am taking my prognosis one day at a time. They have not given me a timetable in how much I have time left," said Henderson.

In Betty's advice to those who are facing similar circumstances she says, " Stay positive, being positive makes a huge difference," And for those facing similar circumstances " Do not be afraid to ask for help,"

Although this story may not sound very pleasant the Henderson home was nothing but positive both inside and out. Betty was overwhelmed by the support of the Orleans community and the ABATE Area 10 Motorcycle Group.

Both residents of Orleans and ABATE Area 10 members come to spread the positive well wishes to Betty and her family. There were smiles, hugs, and most of all encouraging conversation from Betty to her friends, and friends to Betty.

Bob Eckert, preacher from Jasper, Indiana came to give the Henderson family encouraging words

A parade on Sunday afternoon, was led by the Orleans Police Department help spread a positive encouraging message that positive attitudes can lift everyone around you up and not down.

Orleans Police Department leads a parade of well-wishes and positive messages for Betty Henderson who has small cell lung cancer

Henderson's wanted to thank everyone for their continued support throughout this part of the journey they are on.

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