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The Hornets Are Back - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Held Thursday Night

SPRINGVILLE - AUGUST 4, 2022 - The Springville Hornets are back with the full support of the community of Springville and beyond.

Approximately 300 attended a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house of the Springville Community Academy.

Riggs and Addie Godsey stand by the Springville Hornets sign Thursday night

Springville Community Academy board president Albert Cross opened up the ceremony with a few remarks. Cross reflecting on the hard work of several community leaders, board, staff and the students who will embark on a new era.

Many who attended were part of the 1964 march from the former school to the new school built by Perry Township officials and the late Perry Township Trustee Roy Thomspon.

For the community it has been a difficult two years, once the North Lawrence Community School board decided to close the facility.

North Lawrence Community Schools wanted to repurpose the Fayetteville and Springville facilities. Several organizations applied for grant funding to turn the Fayetteville School into a juvenile detention center for youth.

The hallways at Springville Community Academy were filled with excited parents and students for the 2022 - 2023 School year

The Springville School being marketed to Crane or other economic opportunities.

The late Perry Township Trustee Roy Thompson knew the importance of an education and was a part of building a new school for residents which was opened in 1964

Both Indian Creek Township and Perry Township residents did not want juvenile facilities, drug treatment facilities, apartments, or other uses for the buildings. They did not want long bus rides to Bedford for education. The wanted the education facilities to remain the same. All throughout the process both township residents expressed their resolve to turn both locations into thriving educational facilities for their rural communities.

During the ceremony Thursday night, the excitement was palpable and the smiles was appratent as the 2022 - 2023 School year is set to begin.

The staff of the Springville Community Academy

In the political world of budgets, and what one would feel was the best decision at the time for educational opportunities. The western Lawrence County communities are back in the business of education.

"The Hornets Are Back"

The enrollment for the Springville Community Academy is at 177 and the first day of school is Monday.

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