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The 75th Mitchell Persimmon Festival Brought Smiles - Memories and a Good Time

MITCHELL - SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 - The 75th Mitchell Persimmon Festival is now as they as say in the books.

The historic Persimmon Festival was created in 1947 by George Bishop, physics teacher who decided to stage a homecoming by organizing a three-day festival in late October that would serve to celebrate Lawrence County's quirky little fruit.

Diana Bishop Chastain was the 75th Persimmon Festival Parade Grand Marshal. Chastain's father started the festival in 1947

" I do not know, if my daddy could ever envision, that this would turnout like it would be today. He would just say, thank you, thank you, to all of you to all the 100 and thousands of volunteers that have worked so hard over 75 years to make the festival what it is today. You guys need this plague not me," said Bishop's daughter Diana Bishop Chastain.

Diana was just two years of age, when her father organized the great event.

Hundreds and really some years thousands have attended the southern Indiana festival over the years. Many to visit friends of the past and just to have a good time of listening to music and talking about the ways things used to be.

The Persimmon Festival committee works all year to bring in the entertainment, organize the parade and work out the smallest of details to put on a successful festival.

This year's festival encompassed the past with the "Woody White Tribute", along with something for everyone which included Arts Exhibits, Mitchell High School Stingerz Dance Team, Mitchel Junior High School Dance Team, Glen Miller Orchestra, Rockland Band, 45 RPM, The Indigos, Endless Summer Band, Indy Annies, Worth the Journey, Open Heart Quartet, OCD band, and Cody Ikerd and the Sidewinders all entertained during this year's festival.

Not to mention that Magical Vacation Planner brought Chase Briscoe's #14 Car down to Hatfield Elementary School for the community and students to enjoy. Chase Briscoe bringing a message to the Hatfield Elementary School students to encourage them.

The #14 Chase Briscoe car making its way through the streets of Mitchell during the parade making the community proud that own of their own has made it in the NASCAR circuit.

Many was pleased with this year's festival bringing that has left the community feeling happy and proud that this long tradition still lives on.

Courtesy photo Mitchell Community Schools

In the comment section, tell us how you feel about the festival or what you believe was the best part of this year's festival.

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