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Testimony is set to begin in the Jury Trial of Cheyenne Hill Tuesday morning after jury selected

LAWENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 29, 2024 - Testimony is set to begin in the jury trial of Cheyenne Hill on Tuesday morning.

This comes after the jury selection was completed Monday afternoon with 12 jurors and two alternates selected to hear the case.

Photo: Cheyenne Hill 33, Bedford, Indiana

Cheynne Hill 33, Bedford is accused of child neglect resulting in the death of 19 month child Eilliaunna Plummer, back in November 23, 2022 which is a Level -1 Felony.

It should be noted that during the jury selection this morning that Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer III told the potential jurors that he was not related or knew the victim in the case even though both have the same last name.

Hill is only charged with child neglect, no one has been been charged for the death of the child at this time.

Hill sat at the defense table with her attorney helping with the selection of the possible jurors who will determine her guilt or innocence based on the evidence presented by both the Lawrence County Prosecutors Office and her attorney Bob Hamilton throughout this week.

All defendants in American criminal law are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a couurt of law.

In this case there are five elements of the crime must be proven in order to convict Hill on the charge.

The jury trial is expected to take the rest of week on into Monday depending on how the trial moves forward and any rulings that could speed up or delay the trial.

Both Deputy Prosecutor Joshua Scherschel and Defense Attorney Bob Hamilton questioned the men and women about their knowledge of the case based on social media and media accounts of the case. The jurors were asked whether they could be unbiased towards the defendant based on those accounts.

A total of 16 jurors knew about the case in Monday morning's jury selection and several jurors excused for various reasons throughout the jury selection process Monday.

Some of the jurors were questioned in the Judge's chambers and with the attorneys present to keep their answers private. All the jurors were referred to by number and not by their name to protect their privacy.

The jurors has a wide range of backgrounds, who some are with children and some without children.

By noon 11 jurors were selected and around 1:30 pm the jury selection resumed with the rest of the jury and two alternate selected after 3:00 pm Monday afternoon.

With huge number of possible jurors the process went quickly with two groups of about 90 - 100 jurors summoned to Lawrence County Superior Court I both Monday morning and afternoon.

The jurors selected will be sworn in Tuesday morning and opening statements are expected to begin after. There are over 23 witnesses expected to testify before the trial concludes.

ORGINAL STORY: LAWRENCE COUNTY - SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 - On November 23, 2022, officers and detectives with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office responded to IU Health in Bedford for a report of possible child abuse involving an infant. Investigators learned that Elliaunna Plummer, 19 months old, had been brought to the hospital for injuries that were consistent with abuse.

Photo: Cheyenne Hill 33, Bedford was arrested in connection with the death of an infant

Elliaunna was flown to Riley Hospital, where she died from her injuries a few days later. Sheriff’s Office Detectives, led by Capt. Jim Slone, conducted an extensive and exhaustive investigation into the events surrounding and leading up to Elliaunna’s death.

The investigation included forensic analysis, dozens of interviews, polygraphs, and electronic device analysis just to name a few. Upon completion of the several months-long investigation, detectives submitted their report to the prosecutor. Detective Slone prepared and submitted a probable cause affidavit, which led to an arrest warrant being issued by the Honorable Judge John Plummer of Lawrence Superior Court 1 on Cheyenne Hill (33 years old of Bedford) for Neglect of a Dependent Resulting in Death (Level 1 Felony).

 The warrant had nationwide extradition for Hill. Investigators had knowledge that Hill had moved to Michigan and was staying in various places in the northern part of that state. On September 17, 2023, officers in Marquette County, Michigan located and arrested Hill after conducting a traffic stop on her. Marquette County, Michigan is approximately 11 hours from Bedford.

An extradition hearing was held in Michigan, where Hill waived extradition. Lawrence County Sheriff Transport Officers brought Hill back to Lawrence County on September 25th, where she was booked into the Lawrence County Jail for the warrant. Sheriff Day praised the work of investigators.

“I could not be prouder of the thorough, detailed investigation that our detectives conducted that has led to this arrest. Cases like this are extremely difficult, both in an investigative sense and to involved officers on a personal level. Capt. Slone and his crew worked tirelessly on obtaining justice for Elliaunna. Not a day has gone by since November that this case has not been at the forefront of our officer’s efforts.” said Sheriff Greg Day.

 Assisting the Sheriff’s Office in the investigation were IU Health, Riley Children’s Hospital, the Marion County Coroner’s Office, Indiana Department of Child Services, and the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office.

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