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Tate Turner Receives First Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - Mayor John Williams Service Award

BEDFORD - (January 16, 2022) - Needmore Elementary School student Tate Turner received the first Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. /Mayor John Williams Service award.

Jean William presents the first Dr. Martin Luther King Jr./ Bedford Mayor John Williams Service

The award was presented by the late Bedford Mayor John William's wife Jean at the Dive Christian Church Sunday afternoon.

Tate was honored for his giving attitude who donated his money to his fellow student who was in Riley's Children Hospital. " That boy has a heart on him," said Clarence Brown. " If Tate ever comes across some money, we will not have to worry about him, he is going to be a giver," Brown added.

The attendees applaud Tate Turner during the presentation Sunday afternoon

Jean acknowledged Turner's giving heart just like the community has been giving to her great granddaughter Harbor Webb who is facing cancer. " You truly have shown how important it is to give to others. I am grateful there are giving people in Lawrence County, and you are an example of that," said Williams.

Previous story: NEEDMORE - (December 10, 2021) -When first grade student at Needmore, Paisley Schidler, was admitted to Riley Children's Hospital last week with a serious infection, the staff and students at her school wanted to help in some way.

Corinna Irwin, a close friend of the Schilder family, set up a Go Fund Me fundraiser in an effort to raise money for Paisley's medical needs, as well as support the family with their stay in Indianapolis and help with meals while they are away from home on their medical journey.

The school shared with Needmore families the information about the Go Fund Me page and invited anyone interested to contribute. When hearing this news, a very special 5th grader, Tate Turner, wanted to help.

Tate gathered all of the coins he had been saving for quite some time. collected these coins in a large container and brought them to school to contribute to the fundraiser for Paisley and her family. The amount of money in Tate's can of coins totaled $335.72.


The school principal acknowledged Tate's generosity, kindness, and giving spirit by honoring him in front of classmates. The school then took the recognition for Tate a step further and shared the story of his caring heart on the school's social media page.

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