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Suspect Identified in Connection with Burglary on Frank Street in Mitchell

MITCHELL - MAY 9, 2022 - The Mitchell Police Department has identified a suspect in a burglary of a business warehouse located at 9th and Frank Streets in Mitchell.

The suspect is also wanted out of Orange County.

In the Facebook posting it identifies Joshua Hall as the person in a video and who left his personal belongings.

Here is the Facebook posting:

If someone wants to inform Mr. Joshua Hall that when he broke into the business warehouse in the 900 block of Frank st, he dropped his wallet containing his ID, credit cards, car keys, cellphone and most importantly, the pack of Marlboro red cigarettes! when he ran right before police arrived.

Joshua Hall is also wanted on a felony warrant through Orange County.

If you know Joshua’s whereabouts, please let us know so we can return his items to him! We will even offer a complimentary ride to the county bed and breakfast

P.S. if you know where Joshua is and wish to remain anonymous, you can contact us on here or call 812-275-3316 (dispatch). Also, Joshua has a tattoo over his left eyebrow.


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