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Study Reveals $7.6 Million in Water Line Improvements needed in Oolitic

OOLITIC - JANUARY 30, 2023 - A study conducted on Water Line Improvements has been conducted to identify the areas that need to be addressed in the Town of Oolitic. Drew Flamion of Commonwealth Engineers presented the town officials with the study.

There are four areas that have been identified as the highest priority which include the following areas.

  • Area 9 - Upgrade a 1 1/2 Galvanized/Lead Water main to a 4 inch on Walnut Street - project cost $835,795.

  • Area 2 - Upgrade a 6-inch Lead water main to an 8 inch from 7th to 11th street. - project costs Individual project cost - $1,351,742 or Running project cost - $2,187,507

  • Area 6 - Replace 4-inch Galvanized Water main and upgrade to 8 inch, new 4-inch water main on 10th and 11 Street. Individual costs - $1,688,659 - Running project cost - $3,876,166.

  • Area 8 - Upgrade existing 2-inch water mains to 4 inch replace galvanized services at 6-inch water main, retiring existing 2-inchAr water main in the alley between Meadow Drive and Nikirk Lane, and alley between Nikirk and Oolitic Lane. Individual cost - $779,275 - Running costs - $4,655,441.

Other projects beyond the highest priority include the following:

  • Area 2 - Upgrade existing unknown pipe size to 8 inch on Main Street to 7th Street between the alley - Indvidual costs - $1,242,556 - Running costs $5,897,997.

  • Area 3 - Upgrade existing unknown pipe size to 6 inch and Loop Main Street along Lafayette Avenue - Individual costs - $460,754 - Running costs - $6,358,751.

  • Area 4 - Install a 6-inch Water main (Hoosier Avenue to Main Street) - Individual costs - $315,582 - Running costs - $6,674, 283.

  • Area 5 - Upgrade existing 1 inch Water Main to 4 inch on 6th Street - Individual costs - $165,830 - Running costs - $6,840,113.

  • Area 7 - Upgrade existing Unknown pipe size Galvanized Water main to 4 inch on Walsh Avenue - Individual costs - $226, 919 - Running costs - $ 7,067,032.

  • Replacement of fire hydrants - Individual costs $435,820 - Running costs - $7,502,852

  • Replacement of Valves - Individual costs $160,600 - Running costs - $7,662,852

The purpose of the study was to identify the needs of the Town and prioritize what the highest priorities are to apply for grant or loan funding to address those needs.

The funding for the projects can come from Office Community Rural Affairs, State Revolving Fund or Redevelopment.

Oolitic Town Council does not want to raise the water rates to fund the projects if it can be avoided. The town would like to find out what projects can be addressed without raising the water rates onto the residents.

Qualifications for some of the grants can be problematic as the town media income levels based off the 2020 census went up to $58,000. The 2010 census had the median income level at $38,000. This has caught town officials off guard as the question the results of the latest data from the Census Bureau.

This means the town may not qualify for some grants.

There will be other costs associated with the proposed upgrades which includes environmental studies, before the town can proceed with grant funding.

At this time the town council tabled any action at this time.

Lawrence County Zephyr will monitor developments on the proposals.


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