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STRIDE Mobile Crisis Diversion Center Mobile Crisis Response available to Lawrence County

LAWRENCE COUNTY -NOVEMBER 29, 2023 - The Stride Center is a safe place that can be accessed by anyone needing to manage a crisis. It is an alternate to the hospital emergency department or jail; it is a postive resource that connects people to care and recovery.

Indivduals coping with a crisis will experience guidance and help from staff. Stride provides individuals services that help from staff. Stride provides indivdualized services that help people access resources as they recover.


  • Crisis Intervention

  • Health Insurance navigation

  • Naloxone training training ( NARCAN)

  • Treatment services

  • Peer support or recovery coaching

  • Connection to shelters, food, and clothing

  • Assistance completing applications

  • Mobile Crisis Deployment


  • Mobile Crisis bring to you

  • The Mobile Team is able to assist an individual when they are experiencing a mental health crisis and cannot make it to a safe location where they can get care

  • The Mobile Team is available 24/7 to assist with problems solving de-escalation, triage, and connecting to treatment and other resources

  • Mobile Crisis can provide mental health crisis services services directly to anyone 5 years and older

  • The Mobile Crisis Team includes mental health professional such as Peer Recovery Specialists, Crisis Care Specialists, and Licensed Mental Health Therapists

Whom can STRIDE help?

Individuals 18 years and older that are suffering from:

  • Severe depression

  • Panic Attacks

  • Suicide Thoughts

  • Crippling Anxiety

  • Substance Use Relapse

What Stride is not!

  • A shelter

  • A day room to hang up

  • A detox facility or medical facility

  • A respite location



This service is available to Lawrence County residents.


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