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Stonegate Arts & Education gives update to Five-Year Strategic Plans - Fiber optics coming

BEDFORD - JULY 18, 2023 - The Stonegate Arts & Education members gave the Bedford City Council an update on its 5 year strategic plan with the midpoint of the plan will be around January 2024.

The Bedford Board of Works in addition approved the facility to be upgraded to fiber optics with a monthly fee of $617 from Comcast during their meeting early Monday afternoon.

The Stonegate Arts & Education has started working more towards utilizing the facility for skill trades and employee based learning.

Linda Henderson Executive Director and Duane Embree president of the Board of Directors presented to the city council the updates on the plans for the education center. The goal of the group is to get the facility utilized more over time.

The Stonegate Arts & Education focus is trying to be able to be a Workforce Development Hub within the community and possibly the region.

Part of the this goal is the following:

  • A Skill Trades Showcase will take place at the Stonegate facility on Thursday October 16, 2023 with high school students in the area getting to take a sneak peak at the many jobs and careers available to them. The public then later that afternoon will be able to take a look at the same.

  • Duke Energy provided $10,000 for the Skilled Trades Showcase.

In addition, talks are underway for the Work One to locate on the third floor of the building. Signage on the building will reflect the new function of the building.

Oakland City University no longer uses the Stonegate Education facility, this comes after the City of Bedford provided the university with free rent for the next 10 years when they moved to the downtown location.

Ivy Tech and Vincennes University continue to be academic partners with Ivy Tech's Summer and Fall Focus on Workforce Development classes and training for employers.

Non of the offerings by the two institutions are for academic purposes. Vincennes University is hoping to bring Homeland Security Courses to Stonegate.

Stonegate Arts and Media Development continue with a Special Projects Grant of $4,000 and Arts in Education Grant of $7,250 being offered.

This year, the Kids Camp expanded with the program lasting several weeks instead of just the one week last year.

More than 140 people attended Seussical Kids during the first session last Friday, and 70 people attending the second session. ( Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook has a live presentation for viewing.)

Henderson reports that for some it was the very first time they where in the building.

On July 29th the Stonegate Arts & Education in partnership with the Bedford Public Library will be having a Cultural Crawl event.

The Stonegate Arts & Education will be preparing and purchasing equipment for the City of Bedford to record and live stream their meetings as required by Indiana State law with full compliance by 2025.

There have been many maintenance and repairs needed at Stonegate. The water bill for the facility was over $7,000 last month due to water issues.


142O L Street Bedford, Indiana

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