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Stirring Up A Hornets nest? Rivalry? No We Are Here to Just Have Some Fun!

SPRINGVILLE - FEBRUARY 2, 2023 - The Fayetteville Lawrence County Independent Schools Phoenix's came to the Hornets' Nest in the newly named Bob & Mary Phillips Gymnasium Thursday night.

A Springville Hornet in full display Thursday night at the " Hornet's Nest" in the Boby & Mary Phillips Gymnasium

Although one might think the Fayetteville Phoenix's came to stir up the Hornets nest, or create a rivalry of sorts, but instead the two teams came to " Just to Have Fun"!

Both teams concerned about Springville's # 2 Player William Boetijer getting hurt during the game

Both the Boys and Girls Teams of the Springville Community Academy and Fayetteville Phoenix's displayed sportsmanship and concern for one another as both teams played a good game on the hardwood.

" Oh well, we are here just to have a good time, and make sure our girls are here to have a good time," said Amy Amstutz Watson. Coach Fayetteville Phoenix.

" We are not rivalry it's a fun rivalry, you might say, it is expected," added Coach Watson.

(Left) Springville Community Academy Coach Brad Craig and (Right) Fayetteville Phoenix Coach Amy Amstutz Watson

" We had such a good time tonight; we worked hard since the beginning of October to get to where we were tonight," said Springville Community Academy Junior High Coach Brad Craig.

" We are happy to get a win. We teach our girls teamwork. When one is down; we pick them up, we are all one family. We showed that tonight, everyone got to play. We look out for one another even more than basketball," said Craig.

" They know they have to make grades; they know they have to come to practice. Just in general; respect your parents and come to school," when asking what leadership skills are taught while the girls on are on the ball team. " We want to make sure they respect the teammates, themselves and the town they represent. This group of girls have done that," Craig added.

" Basketball and just being a part of the team teaches you so much more than the actual sport. It teaches you how to treat people, respect people, how to be a leader. I encourage anyone just be a basketball player," said Watson in teaching the girls leadership skills to the Junior High Girls Basketball team.

Lawrence County Independent School Phoenix Junior High Players

The game was well attended with several spectators attended Thursday's night game for both the boys and girls teams.

The boys played a hard game between the two schools both putting effort into trying to come out on top. However, the Springville Academy Hornets coming up the winner in the Boys action with a final score of 34 - 27 with the Fayetteville Phoenix who came up short in Thursday's match up.

" It feels pretty good to win this one, it has been a while since we have won a game. We have done very good on defense and better passing to put this one in the win column for us," said coach Burke Simmerman.

The Springville Community Academy put a stinger in the Fayetteville Girls Junior High with a huge victory of 22 - 9 in the final score.

The evening was a fun, and exciting for both communities to come together and watch a good game of basketball. Congratulations to both teams and especially the Springville Hornets who came out as the winner in both games.

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