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Springville woman calls for stricter animal control ordinances after her animals killed twice

SPRINGVILLE - SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 - On several occasions the same two dogs have attacked Lori Morrow's animals while fenced in on her property killing them. Her property located south of Springville on Old Farm Road.

Since several incidents have occurred Morrow is wanting better animal control ordinances and fines reviewed by the Lawrence County Commissioners.

Lawrence County has a animal control board that makes recommendations on animal control issues.

Photo: Two dogs owned by a neighbor John Wolf have killed several animals on the Morrow property on Old Farm Road south of Springville

Morrow says she is afraid to leave her property fearing the same two dogs will continue to kill her animals.

Photo: Despite having Lori Morrow's animals two dogs continue to kill her animals

On Tuesday she hired a person to watch her animals while she ran errands on Tuesday afternoon.

Morrow's trouble began on August 14, 2023, when the two dogs owned by John Wolf attacked and killed 2 sheep and 1 goat. The dogs injured another sheep and goat that required veterinary care.

Photo: One of the two dogs attacking animals in Springville on Old Farm Road

Prior to a second attack the owner John Wolfe came looking for his two dogs because they were loose.

On August 26, 2023, the second dog attack happened that killed one goat after the goat was injured so badly that a vet was called at 10:00 pm and the vet euthanized it. In addition, in this attack a Rooster, and two guineas and six hens were killed.

Following the second attack, Morrow went to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and went to Lawrence County Prosecutor's Samuel Arp's office and according to Morrow she was told there was nothing could be done until the case was in the court system.

Photo: The second dog attacking the animals on Old Farm Road

A couple days later animal control officer Chad Hillenburg picked the dogs up.

According to court records obtained by the Lawrence County Zephyr the seizure of the animals was requested on August 29,2023.

On September 1, a bond for the care and keeping of the animals were issued. With the hearing September 7th. However, there are no court records indicating Lori Morrow was notified of the hearing.

On September 10th Morrow's neighbor notified her that one of the dogs were back. Morrow called the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department who then told her to call the White River Humane Society.

When Morrow called the White River Humane Society, she found out they were released back to the property owners.

Photo: Lori Morrow is calling for better animal control policy, with stiffer penalties and fines in Lawrence County

" I am disappointed in the Lawrence County Prosecutor did not notify me of the court hearing. According to the court records, all parties were notified. I assure you I was never notified," said Morrow. No one showed up but the Prosecuting Attorney, Judge Bob Cline released the dogs back to the owner.

On September 11, 2023, Morrow called the court clerk on September 11th and have not received a response.

" I called the Lawrence County Prosecutor's Office, again was told nothing the prosecutor's office could do,"

" The animal control officer Chad Hillenburg and the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department have been great to work with. But they are limited in what they can do," added Morrow.

On September 12, one of the dogs was again running the fence line. Morrow put another call to the Sheriff's Department. Animal control officer Hillenburg responded to the property. Morrow asked how can a animal be considered dangerous.

Morrow was informed that the Lawrence County Commissioners are the government authority to determine a dangerous animal.

" I called Lawrence County Commissioner Rodney Fish on Tuesday morning. He advised me that the county commissioners make the ordinances but cannot enforce them," said Morrow.

" He said he would make some calls and get back with me regarding the issue. I would just shoot these animals but have not been around with my gun to take care of it myself. I will be looking at filing a civil lawsuit to be compensated for the costs I have incurred," Morrow continued.

Photo: The remaining animals could be attacked even while in a fenced in area

" Not only has the actions of this irresponsible dog owner his dangerous dogs cost the lives of my defenseless animals. I can no longer live in peace. I have a 19th month grandson and he cannot go outside even in a fenced in yard because the dogs are getting in my yard,"

Morrow says she believes these dogs need confiscated and euthanized.


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