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Springville Man Needs a Kidney Donor and Transplant

SPRINGIVLLE - AUGUST 18, 2022 - Dustin Brain of Springville is in need of a kidney donor and transplant after his only kidney is failing.

(Dustin Brain with his wife Rebecca)

Dustin Brain has been dealing with this issue following a diagnosis of failing kidney from a birth defect over the last 10 years. His other kidney failed since birth. This was not caused by a kidney disease, otherwise Mr. Brain all other organs and health is in good shape.

The other kidney was not letting liquid through, if this was detected sooner, he would not have been put in this situation.

Dustin Brain was dealing with high blood pressure issues, when the this was discovered. Brain was with one physician who thought he did have a disease, but changed doctors and the other physician discovered the birth defect and kidney failure of the other.

At this time Mr. Brain is trying to find a kidney donor.

Back in June, Mr. Brain was approved to be placed on the kidney transplant list. He is currently waiting on a corps donor, or live donor.

A corps donor may take up to 2-5 years. Taking an organ donation from a corps donor may also present other risks than a live donor.

" If he can get a kidney from a living donor it just works, better," said Rebecca Brain.

With a living kidney there is not a big risk of rejection or the kidney being diseased from other health issues or lifestyle issues such as drug addiction, or alcohol abuse, or AIDS. According to statistics 30 percent of the donors are from drug overdoses.

The living kidney just last longer. Those wishing to try and help Mr. Brain do not have to worry whether they are a match. They may not match Mr. Brain but can match another person in need of kidney.

Those wishing to be a kidney donor can go to IU Health Transplant website and complete a questionnaire.

Once the questionnaire is completed, the donor will receive notification they received your information. Within 2 to 3 business days, they will get back with the donor or if there is something that is not a good fit, a message will be received that they will not be able to use the donor.

Brain's mother has applied to be a donor and must undergo other testing. such as heart, kidney and other testing to see if they are healthy enough to be a donor.

Mr. Brain's insurance will cover the testing and medical expenses that go with being an organ donor up to three years, that is kidney related and testing associated with it.

The Brain's have been dealing with the diagnosis and situation quite well at this time. Both Dustin and Rebecca have lost their father's due to cancer over the last few years.

Dustin's father Aaron being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and Rebecca's father, Allan Phillips being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Both father's passing away due to their illnesses.

The Brain's have relied on their faith in God and lots of prayers. " We rely on God heavily. I tell everyone we need one kidney and lots of prayers," Rebecca added.

" I go into the bedroom and mourn for a little bit, and then you pull yourself up, and move on," said Dustin.

(Dustin and Rebecca Brain with their children. Front row, Allan is 10, Katie is 8, and Sarah is 5)

For the children they have not handled it as well. " The people they have known have not got well. With the death of both grandpas. So, for them when you get any kind of bad news, it's going to be bad news," said Dustin.

"They take whatever we say, and just fly with it," added Rebecca.

The Brain's told the children what is happening, especially after Dustin was told he probably be on dialysis within six months to year.

" When we got the news, we went in the doctor's very happy because I was losing weight. hoping that was going to bring down his creatine levels, blood pressure issues was going to improve my issues with my kidneys. But, then you get slapped in the face with this news," stated Dustin.

IU Health Transplant Office sent books for the children to be able to read and understand. This does not give them too much information but has helped communicate to them what is going on.

The Brain's have been given a lot of support by family, friends and their church This is has helped them face the challenges of the diagnosis.

" We are thankful to everyone who has supported us. And the ones that have already went through the application process,"

The Brain's says it's been difficult to ask someone for an organ donation. " It's not like asking someone for money, although sometimes that can be difficult. But to go up and ask someone for a kidney is somewhat daunting for them.

The Brain's is thinking about other ways to communicate the need. This may include having T- Shirts saying " My Dad needs a kidney" but the IU Health Transplant services have also provided them information on how to ask for a donor.

The Brain's are asking for prayers, and if you are willing to help go ahead and complete the application process.

Lawrence County Zephyr will keep subscribers updated on the Brain's progress and transplant in the near future.

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