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Springville man arrested for child molestation

SPRINGVILLE - FEBRUARY 23, 2024 - Lawrence County Sheriff's Detective Andrea Barnett conducted a lengthy and thorough investigation into allegations that Henry A. Morris III (48 years old of Springville) molested two juvenile family members.

Photo: Henry A. Morris III 48 Springville was arrested for child molestation

The incidents reportedly occurred multiple times between 2010 and 2014 in Lawrence County. After completing the investigation, Det. Barnett submitted a probable cause affidavit requesting a warrant on Morris. A warrant was issued by the Honorable Judge Robert Cline of Superior Court II.

On Friday, February 23rd, after receiving the arrest warrant, officers attempted to locate Morris. Around 3:20pm, Morris was observed operating a vehicle along SR 54.

A traffic stop was conducted by Detective Michael Williams and other officers.

Morris was taken into custody without incident. While arresting Morris, officers discovered he was in possession of a loaded hypodermic syringe and methamphetamine.

Morris was incarcerated in the Lawrence County Jail for the warrant as well as the new drug possession offenses.

He was booked in on four counts of child molesting (Level 1 Felony), two counts of child molesting (Level 4 Felony), Sexual Misconduct with a Minor (Level 4 Felony), Possession of Methamphetamine (Level 6 Felony), and Possession of a Hypodermic Syringe (Level 6 Felony).

He is being held on two bonds totaling $207,500.

All criminal defendants are to be presumed innocent until, and unless proven guilty in a court of law.


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