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Springville Community Academy to meet Thursday night

SPRINGVILLE - MARCH 28, 2023 - The Springville Community Academy will meet Thursday night.


Agenda is listed below:

Public Notice and Agenda for a regular meeting of the board of trustees of Springville Community and Rural Foundation, Inc. (SCARF)

March 30, 2023

Regular Meeting - 6:30 PM

Springville Community Academy

126 Brick Street, Springville, IN 47462

Public Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Meeting Order

a. Rollcall/Determination of Quorum

b. Welcome to the Public and Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of Today’s Agenda

3. Old Business

a. Discuss/Vote on are solution that establishes partnership with a new stand-alone 501c3 PTO organization and dissolves the current SCARF PTO committee

4. New Business

5. Public Comments

6. Adjournment

Meeting Notice Posted: March 28

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