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Springville Community Academy Gym Dedicated to Bob and Mary Phillips

SPRINGVILLE - JANUARY 27, 2023 - On Friday morning it was a breakfast of heroes to many who have dedicated their time and financial contributions to the Springville Community Academy and Rural Affairs.

Thank you, cards lined the tables, made by the students to thank the many who worked to provide a school for them over the last two years.

Springville Community Academy and Rural Affairs dedicated the gymnasium to honor Former Perry Township Trustees, Bob and the late Mary Phillips.

Ribbon cutting ceremony to honor former Perry Township Trustees Bob and the late Mary Phillips

Bob Phillips, Perry Township Trustee worked hard to seeing that the Springville Elementary School remained opened and dedicated to educating the youth within the community.

Former Trustee Bob Phillips was not able to attend this morning's dedication as he was taken by ambulance to the hospital from his home early Friday morning due to health-related issues.

Friday the cheers and hand claps of the students could be heard throughout the building as many of the individuals who worked tirelessly over the last two years to get the school ready for students again, marched through the building.

Many students hugging those who passed through the hallways.

There were many who offered their time, money and support for the rural school, in hopes of providing an education to the students for years to come.

Those supporters were treated to a nice breakfast and honored for their commitment to the Springville school.

This morning was a fun and exciting event for everyone involved.

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