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SPRINGVILLE - NOVEMBER 16, 2022 - The are a total of 168 students enrolled in the Springville Community Academy for the 2022-2023 School year.

The Springville Community Academy Board was informed of some of the programs and activities that the school are underway during the first few months of the school year.

Courtesy photo: Springville Community Academy

The Springville Academy received bleachers, for the gymnasium with the help of volunteers who were able to help unload and install them for the basketball and special events at the school.

Team of volunteers helps unload bleachers into the Springville Academy

The community school for the rural school continues, as being one of two new charter schools in Lawrence County.

Springville Community Academy is working on obtaining a $30,000 reimbursable grant for Kitchen equipment. In addition, the school is working on rewiring the sound system, and the Information Technology committee is working on reestablishing their meetings.

The SCA board approved Sandy Scherschel for 7th and 8th Grade math replace Bob Ruble


  • The Sunshine Fund is established to help families in need, and casual dress days are being used to generate funds for the program

  • Springville Community Academy PTO President is Jami Hardin

  • Springville Community Academy PTO Vice-President is Stacy Kidd

  • The PTO is still receiving donations for the Blessing Bags, with a donation box at the Springville Dollar General Store

  • The Miracle on Brick Street Market is accepting vendors for their sale in December

  • PTO is working on becoming a 501(c) 3 Organization

SCA is using Box Tops to raise money for the Springville Community Academy

Courtesy Photo: Brent Maudlin State Farm Insurance Company Facebook page

Brent Maudlin State Farm Insurance and Springville Community held a Food Drive to help Benefit Bertha's Mission Thanksgiving Dinner Saturday November 19th. Mrs. Garrsion Class had the most donations than any other class.

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