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Springville Academy Has Not Held Executive or Public Meeting Since Its Announcement of Opening

SPRINGVILLE - JUNE 20, 2022 - The Springville Academy has not advertised or held any public meetings since its announcement of its opening in November.

As required under Indiana State law the charter school is still subject to both public access and public records law. In November 2021 the newly formed charter school announced its opening and enrollment which will open in August 2022.

Springville Academy is expected to open in August 2022

The charter school has not announced any Executive Session which will include the hiring of staff and teachers for the charter school. Under Indiana Code IC 5-14-1.6-6 these meetings are required.

Springville Community Academy is being overseen by Ball State University who approved their charter. Lawrence County Zephyr have reached out to President Albert Cross of when the public meetings are being held.

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