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Special Meeting: Hot Wheels Derby on Agenda Oolitic Town Council Meeting Tuesday

OOLITIC - JULY 15, 2022 - Oolitic Town Council will hold a Special Called Meeting on Tuesday July 19th at 12 noon EST in the Boardroom of Town Hall. Located at 109 Main Street, Oolitic IN.

Items to be discussed

1. Employee Insurance

2. Hot Wheels Derby Request

ORGINAL l STORY - OOLITIC - JUNE 28, 2022 - The highlight of the Oolitic Town Council was when seven-year-old Logan Grace appeared before the Oolitic Town Council made a request.

Courtesy photo provided to the Lawrence County Zephyr from Oolitic Town Council member Johnny Bob Dillion

Logan asked for three things from the council members. This included,

  • A community Garden

  • A community Market

  • A Hot- Wheels Track

The council members did not respond or act upon the request immediately only to ask him a question.

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" Do you want to be a politician one day," one council member asked. To which Logan replied " No".

After his presentation however, all those in attendance gave him a hand clap and applauded his efforts to approach the council.

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