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Special Meeting for Bedford Redevelopment Commission

BEDFORD - (January 8, 2022) - The Bedford Redevelopment Commission will meet in a Special Meeting on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. at the Community Concourse, which is located at the corner of 1402 H Street in Bedford, Indiana, for the following


1. For a public hearing on the following:

Amendments to the resolutions previously adopted by the

Commission and subsequently amended, that established the Bedford

Consolidated Economic Development Area No. 1 (the “Consolidated

Economic Development Area”) and related allocation areas and

adopted an economic development plan for the Consolidated

Economic Development Area (the “Plan”). The proposed

amendments, which have been preliminarily approved by resolution

of the Commission, would amend the Consolidated Economic

Development Area to (a) expand the boundaries of the Consolidated

Economic Development Area, (b) add certain property to the

acquisition list in the Plan, and (c) add certain additional projects to

the Plan (collectively, the “Amendments”).

2. Consideration of the following:

Resolution of the City of Bedford Redevelopment Commission

Approving Certain Amendments to the Declaratory Resolution and

Economic Development Plan for the Bedford Consolidated Economic

Development Area No. 1, and related matters.

Proposed site of the Bedford Police Department

The City of Bedford is hoping to re-locate the Bedford Police Department.

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