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Spaghetti On the Square Raises $13,000 for Men's Warming Shelter

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 - This year's Spaghetti on the Square raised over $13,000 for the Men's Warming Shelter.

The Men's Warming Shelter and Stone City Alliance for Recovery and Hope Inc. is under renovation at this time for a November 1st Opening Date.

The group is still in need of some financial contributions and donations are accepted all year round for the organization.

A new dorm area has constructed for the Men's Warming Shelter located at 1414 H Street

The Spaghetti on The Square is one of the largest fundraisers for the group and is the first time since COVID pandemic they were able to have the event back where it all started.

The loan for the building is at $515,000 and over $190,000 so far has been raised for the renovation.

WBED provided the sound and music for the event which over 450 meals were served.


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