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Smoke Detectors Alert Family to Possible fire Sunday Morning

BLOOMINGTON - (March 27, 2022) -Monroe Fire Protection District responded to a possible structure fire just after 8:30 a.m. this morning on Innsbrook Drive.

Courtesy photo Monroe Fire Protection District

Fire units arrived on scene and reported nothing visible. As the officer completed his 360 of the home it was reported that a very light smoke was coming out a open window on the second floor.

Courtesy photo Monroe Fire Protection District

Firefighters entered the home to investigate the location of the smoke. When entering the home smoke was noticed on both floors and in the basement. Crews searched the home for any fire and did not locate anything. It appeared to be an issue with the HVAC unit as the smoke and odor only appeared when the unit was turned on.

The homeowners were home at the time of the incident. They heard the smoke detectors and saw smoke coming from the air vents.


Firefighters used a positive pressure fan to ventilate the smoke out of the home. Monroe Fire Protection District reminds every that having working smoke detectors in your home can help save a life. You should have one on every floor and in the bedrooms.

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