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MONROE COUNTY - JANUARY 9, 2023 - Monroe Fire Protection District responded to two separate incidents.

(All photos courtesy of the Monroe Fire Protection District)

The first call came in just after 10:30pm at Millennium Apartments. Neighbors out walking their dogs could hear a smoke detector going off but did not know which apartment it was located in.

Monroe Fire Protection District units arrived and did not see anything from the outside of the building. After locating which apartment had the smoke detectors going off firefighters pounded on the door for the resident who did not answer. A maintenance member who lived across the hall let firefighters into the apartment. As the door was opened smoke began coming out of the apartment. Firefighters immediately started a search of the apartment for any occupants and the source of the smoke.

The search was negative, and no one was found in the apartment. Interior crews reported finding a burnt up and melted bathroom exhaust fan as the source of the problem.

No fire extended into the attic or adjacent apartments. When the exhaust fan melted it fell onto a bathroom rug creating a small fire that smoldered and went out but left all the smoke trapped in the apartment.

Monroe Fire Protection crews responded to the 800 block of South Curry Pike early Monday morning

The occupant who was not home at the time of the fire was contacted and reported safe. Two cats were inside the apartment during the fire but were not injured.

The second structure fire call came in just before 2am this morning in the 800 block of South Curry Pike. The homeowner reported hearing a loud pop and glass breaking noise. When they checked the garage, they noticed it was full of smoke and saw a small fire in a large glass cabinet.

The homeowner was able to extinguish the fire as firefighters were arriving on scene. Firefighters ventilated the smoke from the garage and made sure the fire was completely outside. No injuries were reported, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

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