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Sheriff Day addressing staffing issues in the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 17, 2023 The Sheriff's Department have faced staffing issues all throughout 2022.

Day has met with the staff and communicated the expectations with his deputies and staff to provide professional and efficient services to the county residents.

Sheriff Day advised the Lawrence County Commissioners about the shortage of personnel in various sections of his department.

In the jail division there is a shortage of 2 male jailers, and 3 females' jailer, recently there was testing for the 23 applicants and only three showed up. Day says he implemented a field training course for these officers to help keep the personnel safe and make them feel like they are valued.

The training allows them to become familiar with the procedures and help address safety issues they may encounter during the job.

Sheriff Greg Day addresses the Lawrence County Commissioners at a recent meeting

In the Lawrence County 911 Central Dispatch there is a need of 11 dispatchers, which they currently only have five. This has required a lot of overtime, and 2 road officers and one animal control officer who was previously a 911 dispatcher is filling in the vacancies.

By doing this animal control has taken somewhat of a backseat, and the county receives numerous animal control calls.

According to Sheriff Day, they have hired two dispatchers and three are expected to be hired by the weekend.

The training takes several weeks before those hired are able to begin working.

The department is down one road deputy at this time, with three who are currently in training, and one will be leaving for military leave soon.


Sheriff Day asked that security changes be made at the courthouse which includes moving the security checkpoint closer to the public entrance, moving Human Resources Department downstairs in a vacant office, and moving the security cameras to where the Human Resources is currently located.

Sgt. Larry Reed Jr. will be moving to an administrative position to handle data, sex offender registry, and Operation Life Saver.


Total Inmates: 95

Males - 74

Females - 21

Level - 6 - 8

DOC - 6

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