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Shawswick School Fire Prevention and Safety Day Held Friday

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 13 - The students of Shawswick Elementary School was able to learn about fire safety, tour firefighting equipment, as well as a Stat Flight Air helicopter.

Stat Flight Helicopter landed at Shawswick Elementary School on Friday morning

The Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department has put on the special day for over the last 30 years and the event is held in May when the weather is more cooperative.

" I remember the program when I was a student at Shawswick, and now I am part of putting on this program," said Austin Brown Assistant Fire Chief Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department.

Firefighters from the Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department was welcomed back to the school following three years of the COVID-pandemic which prevented them from putting on a in-person program.

Shawswick firefighters instruct the students on the firefighting equipment they use

The children and firefighters look forward to the program every year which is also has an educational theme for the children. The first being able to help the children know what to do if they are faced with a fire in their home.

Kolten Wise, talks to the children about what they do as a flight paramedic

Firefighters can be very scary to a small child in dense smoke, masks and helmets which can cause a child to be frightened and move away from the rescuers. The program familiarizes the children with the way the look with all the equipment on.

Children are taught the Stop, Drop, Roll method in case their clothing catches fire, as well as getting down on their hands and knees when awakened to a fire. Instead of breathing the toxic smoke and find their way out of the home quickly.

Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department brought their smoke house in order to show the children what it is really like in a smoky situation. The children got to look at the fire trucks, and some of the equipment kept on the truck.

Stat Flight Air Helicopter crew from left to right: Don Clift, Jakayla Winnegar, flight Nurse, Kolten Wise, flight paramedic, and Charles Taylor, pilot

All classes then made their way to the Stat-Flight Helicopter which the Pilot, Paramedics and Flight Nurses described the jobs they perform.

Charles Taylor, pilot of the helicopter talked to the students about flying and the instruments they use to get them to the emergency scenes.

Taylor has been a pilot for eight years in emergency medical services, seven years in the oil/gas industry, and two years in flight school.

" I think it is great being here today. I learned how to stay safe, and how to be able to get out of my house. It was pretty cool going through the smoke," said Brileigh Osterge

Brileigh says she wants to work in the medical profession when show grows up.

The program always leaves a lasting impression on the students. Helps students decide some of the career choices available to them in their future.

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