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Seymour Police Officer Helps Overdose Victim in Park

SEYMOUR - JUNE 7, 2020 - On June 6th, at approximately 8:15 PM, Seymour Police Officer Gabe Jordan was on routine patrol of Seymour Park property and performed a security and welfare check at Freeman Rec. Area.

In a remote area, Officer Jordan observed several pieces of luggage and what appeared to be a person lying in the grass. At this time, Officer Jordan investigated the area and located an unconscious female in the grass. It was immediately apparent that the woman was undergoing symptoms of a drug overdose, exhibiting shallow breathing and a low and weak pulse. Officer Jordan immediately called for EMS support and administered two Narcan doses while using his issued bag valve mask to assist the woman in breathing.

Other Seymour Police Department units and Jackson County EMS responded, administering additional Narcan medication. She was later treated at Schneck Medical Center and successfully regained consciousness and recovered from the opioid overdose. She was later released from medical care. She stated that she did not recall how she got to Freeman Rec. and stated that she had been recently traveling from house to house and in the company of strangers as a result of her struggles with addiction.

Officer Jordan later stated that upon his arrival, it was apparent that the woman was "dumped" in the location from a passenger vehicle and left abandoned by whoever drove her to this secluded location. A review of cameras in the area show a white male in a black cutoff shirt driving a red hatchback passenger car to the area where the woman was later located at approximately 8:15 PM. It was also noted that no calls for distress, calls to emergency services, or calls for assistance were placed for the woman and that she was only located and revived through a combination of happenstance and diligence on the part of Officer Jordan.

This is an ongoing investigation at this time with footage still in review. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact SPD dispatch at 812-522-1234 reference case 22-S05899.

In addition, we ask that ANYONE needing emergency assistance is referred to 911 services so that proper lifesaving measures can be taken.

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