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Seymour Oktoberfest Brings a Large Crowd Friday Night

SEYMOUR - SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 - The Seymour Oktoberfest brought a large crowd to enjoy the food, music, rides, and a whole lot at the 49th annual festival.

The was plenty to do, with a variety of music to enjoy from gospel, bluegrass, and a Fleetwood Mac tribute band to name just a few.

Back 2 Mac Tribute Band performs Friday night

Reed's Place providing entertainment Friday night

Those who just wanted to eat had a variety of carnival food, sandwiches, and plenty of sweets with blocks of various vendors with the crowds lining up to fill up any craving they had.

Lueher's Ideal Rides was able to bring all kinds of Amusement Rides to this year's festival.

Lawrence County Zephyr has some photos and video's of this years event listed below.

Some Andy Griffith music

Plenty of police presence to keep the event safe

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