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Several Local Robotics Teams Advance to State Championship

LAWRENCE COUNTY - FEBRUARY 17, 2023 - Several Local Robotics Teams Advance to State Championship On February 11th, several FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams from Lawrence and surrounding counties competed at Crane’s Westgate Academy for a chance to compete at the State Championship at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds on February 25th.

There were a total of 14 teams in attendance.

The 2022 Season of PowerPlay presented by Raytheon Technologies started on

September 10th. Since then, teams of middle and high school students from around the state

and world have designed and built robots in order to complete the tasks presented to them.

You can check out the game animation/explanation in the video linked here:

FIRST Robotics is an international robotics competition provider with thousands of

teams across the world. Their goal, according to founder and inventor Dean Kamen, is “

compete for the hearts and minds of kids with the excitement of the Super Bowl.”

Between Bedford, Bloomington, and Shoals there will be 5 teams competing at the State

Championship on Feb 25. There will be two from Bedford (#8971 Diamond Blades and #19366CTF), two from Bloomington (#11329 I.C.E. Robotics and #18505 Something to do with Waffles), and one from Shoals (#9864 Jug Rox Robotix). The 6th team to qualify from Crane was #17994 Ragnabotics from Poseyville.

Teams can advance to the next round of tournaments for various reasons. I.C.E.

Robotics and Jug Rox Robotix advanced because they were the winning alliance on the robot competition field. Diamond Blades and Something to do with Waffles advanced because they were the finalist alliance on the robot competition field. Ragnabotics advanced because they won the Think Award.

The Think Award goes to a team “...that best reflects the journey the [t]eam took as they experienced the engineering design process during the build season.”

While CTF were in the elimination matches, even as a captain of their alliance, the robot

is not what got them to State. They won the Inspire Award–the most prestigious award in FIRST Tech Challenge. The Inspire Award goes to the team that is a model FTC team and one that Superior STEAM: A 4-H Club | | other teams should emulate. You can see the full results of the tournament here: https://ftc-

These six teams from Southern Indiana are among a total of 27 teams that will compete

at the State Championship on Feb 25th at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds. The event is free and open to the public, but will also be streamed live on Twitch here:

Matches will start around 10:30AM local time and end around 5:30 or 6PM with the Awards and Closing Ceremonies immediately following.

For more information about the event go to this link:

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Stephen Carr
Stephen Carr
21 feb 2023

Among candidates for a high-paying job, having been on a bot team and being able to write algorithms while demonstrating problem-solving skills will get you the position over a candidate who was a member of a sports team. Nerds rule!!!!!!!

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