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Seussical Kids Week at Stonegate Arts and Education Center Sponsored by Ivy Tech

BEDFORD - JULY 8, 2023 - Music and singing wafted through the halls of Stonegate Arts & Education Center in Bedford for the last two weeks.

There were 17 kids who took part in this year's camp. On July 14th, the kids will have two performances with one at 5:45 pm and the second at 6:45 pm.

The Center for Lifelong learning at Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington partnered with Stonegate Arts & Education Center, Bedford Public Library, The City of Bedford, and United Way of South-Central Indiana to offer one week of art camp for kids ages 7-16 in downtown Bedford which started on June 27th.

Video: The kids will perform on July 14th at 5:45 and 6:45 pm at the Stonegate Arts & Education Center

This year, Stonegate Performing Arts Camp for ages 12-16 explored the dramatic arts through performance, while also exploring other facets of creating theater productions, including auditions, the rehearsal process, technical theater, costuming, make up and stagecraft.

" This is a lot of hard work, but this is fun work," said Joe Voris.

Video: Joe Voris explains what Kids Camp really is and why the arts are important

" These kids are doing a tremendous job; in theater you get to start with nothing with just a script and music, and before you know it, it all comes alive,"

Photo: Amy Price helps the students get to the right pitch during the kids camp at Stonegate Arts and Education Center on Friday

The week culminated in a live stage performance for everyone at Stonegate's black box theater at Brinegar Hall.

For the younger ages7-11, Stonegate Visual Arts Camp will bring Ivy Arts for Kids model of exploratory arts to Bedford with " Celebrate Our Community" themes and hands on art projects in both 2D and 3D.

The week culminated with an art show at the Stonegate Arts & Education Center, where family and friends will get to see their young artist's creations on display.

Photo: Joe Voris gives instruction on lines during practice on Friday morning the camp lasted two weeks this summer

Located at the Stonegate Arts & Education Center, youth art camps featured operational support from the Bedford Public Library, transportation assistance from the City of Bedford for campers located within the City of Bedford, and scholarship opportunities that cover the cost of the camp, with the support of United Way of South-Central Indiana.

Photo: Amy Voris helps the kids with their lines during the production Seussical

Both camps were held on June 27th through this July 7th.

" It is always lively here, and feels great to be able to express myself," said Jane Bingam. " I use to make up songs by myself, while I am in the mirror, music has been a way to get away from everything,"

Here is some of the comments by the kids who took part in this year's camp:

The program has given the kids a fun way to express themselves and be able to learn how to put on a production.

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