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Updatd: Search Locates two missing children near Springville on Geer Lane

SPRINGVILLE - JUNE 22, 2023 - Updated: According to Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day, two children ages 5 and 6 were playing outside unattended for a few minutes.


The family searched for more than 15 minutes for the children, then contacted the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department.

The Indian Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched at 12:22 pm to help aid in the search. Lawrence County Sheriff's deputies located the children in an old school bus approximately 15 minutes after they arrived.

The school bus was being used for storage and the children was not injured and unharmed in the incident.

Original story: Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and Indian Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to Greer Lane near Indian Creek Baptist Camp Road for two missing children around 12:15 pm Thursday morning.

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A Facebook post from Springville resident Ivy Maria Bundy was sent out to locate her babies Zaden and Emberlyn.

Not long after the members of the Indian Creek Township Volunteer was dispatched to the scene the children were located. Deputies from the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department were already on the location when the children were located.

Lawrence County Zephyr is seeking out more information from the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department to obtain more information.

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