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Scott Smith Seeking to be the next Lawrence County Commissioner Responds to Questions

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (March 21, 2022) - Republican candidate Lawrence County Council president Scott Smith is seeking to unseat incumbent Lawrence County President Rodney Fish in this year's primary election.

Lawrence County Council President Scott Smith

Lawrence County Zephyr submitted question to subscribers and these four questions were asked to both Lawrence County Commissioner candidates.

What are the 3 leading concerns in the next 4 years Lawrence County is facing?

1. The economy but more specifically, how the national economy will affect us locally?

Fuel prices are to a place we would have never thought possible. This affects every citizen and business as well as the County government which is responsible for maintaining the county owned vehicles and equipment. The cost increase that you are dealing with in your household is also happening to the county, this will have an adverse effect on the budget. It is the job of your elected officials to take steps to ensure that we are being as fiscally responsible and diligent with funding as possible as we endure these times.

2. We need to attract and retain quality employees within our county. In today's very competitive job market we do need to ensure that we have qualified individuals working in the day-to-day business and operation of our county. Our support services, law enforcement, the safety of our residents and quality of our roadways relies on the stability of our workforce.

3. We must continue to be proactive in the fight against drugs in our community. While we have made significant strides in this effort, we must be always vigilant in this task. The

Commissioners need to be willing to provide the needed tools for law enforcement and the

judicial system to work efficiently and effectively to keep our community safe.

The release of the Lawrence County Justice study this year. How will you address the needs and concerns as the commissioner?

As a county commissioner I would acknowledge that we have a 31 year old facility that is possibly in need of repairs and improvements. We do need more information to explore the options that will best serve the county as a whole. We will have a new administration in place that will have input to offer regarding the functionality and capacity as it affects the daily operations. Overall, whatever facility we have moving forward it needs to be adequate, efficient and compliant to best serve and protect the county.

Lawrence County received 8.8 million in the ARP funding, how will you identify the way those funds will be distributed and to who those funds will be given?

I believe the need to provide broadband coverage to our entire county is pertinent for the education of our youth, the strength of our housing and land markets and the overall quality of life in Lawrence county. The state of Indiana recently offered additional funding for this through its “next level connections program”. AT&T applied for 2.8 million dollars on behalf of Lawrence County with letters of support from both the Lawrence County Council and the Lawrence County Growth Council. If these funds are awarded to our area it would be in our best interest to appropriate a portion of our ARP funds to broaden the impact of this program. With the remaining funds I would seek out worthwhile projectsthat would be impactful and further the economic development of Lawrence County, such as investing

in our infrastructure, including water and sewer options as well as the betterment of housing and neighborhoods.

Why should voters put you in as the next Lawrence County Commissioner?

My family and I are vested in this community. My wife Nikki is a local Insurance agent. We are business owners and employers and well as employees. We own a small underground communications company that my youngest son and I operate together. We also own and manage several rental properties as well as land. We live on the family farm that my dad purchased when he returned from the war and where 4 generations of my family have made a home. We have a child and grandchildren in the school system. The concerns and challenges you face everyday are the same as mine. My promise to you is to be accountable for my actions and to be responsive to your requests and concerns. I do believe that

government should be transparent to the community it serves. I believe that an elected official must make decisions and take action. I ask for your vote and support to serve as your next county commissioner.

The Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to follow developments in this year's primary election.

The Lawrence County Zephyr will be submitting questions this week to Lawrence County Council candidates. All Lawrence County Council candidates will receive the same four questions.

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