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School Board Approves Miss North Lawrence Career Center Contest

BEDFORD - MAY 21, 2022 - During the school board meeting Thursday night Cydnee Rayhill Wright, Bella Byers, and Avery O' Brien made a proposal for Miss North Lawrence Career Center Contest.

Cyndnee Rayhill-Wright, Bella Byers, and Avery O'Brien presented to the North Lawrence Community School Board on the Miss North Lawrence Career Center Contest

The ladies won the school board over with the contest that will promote the career center.

Cydnee Rayhill-Wright

" This is a way to be able to promote the career center as well as the women in the workforce in a male dominated field," said Cyndee Rayhill Wright. " This builds confidence in applying skills learned in the career center especially in presenting information to an employer and general public," Wright stated.

During the public presentation all three told the school board members on the purpose for the contest and how the Mr. NLCC would be chosen.

The contest will showcase many of the talents by the female career students. The program will encourage the community and business community to support all the North Lawrence Career Center students.

The Miss NLCC and her court will be spokesperson through the building and community events to promote the NLCC.

The students will utilize many volunteers who have agreed to help produce the Miss NLCC Contest as well as staff to help the students along the way.

For those students who want to participate must have a GPA of at least 2.5 and higher and must be a junior or senior of the North Lawrence Career Center.

The contestants will be interviewed as well as be judged on formal wear, professional wear and dress for sucess.

Following their presentations school board members weighed on how to make the contest a success. The board approved the contest, that will be held next school year.

North Career Center Director Amy Redman allowed the students to make the presentation on their own.

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