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Safety Will Take Priority Over Convenience on Mitchell Community School Properties

MITCHELL - JUNE 13, 2022 - The Mitchell Community School board will be looking into additional policies proposed by the Mitchell Community School Corporation's Safety Committee and Superintendent Brent Comer in the coming month.

" Unapologetically, we will be establishing policies for the safety of our students and staff," stated Dr. Brent Comer during the Mitchell Community School Board meeting Monday evening.

The additional policies to be considered are:

  • All exterior doors at Mitchell Community Schools will remain locked at all times. Mitchell Community Schools interior classroom doors will remain locked while school is in session.

  • All Mitchell Community School employees must display their school issued identification while on school or district campus. All substitute teachers and visitors must register at the school's main office and display office issued identification while on school campus.

  • Mitchell Community School will host Safety Trainings determined by the Mitchell Community School Safety Committee and or the Superintendent for all Mitchell Community School employees.

  • Car rider pickup at both Hatfield and Burris Elementary Schools will begin after buses have left school campus at the end of the day. Vehicles used for car pickup will not be allowed on school campus until 3:05 p.m. at Hatfield and 3:10 p.m. at Burris Elementary Schools.

Chairman Rob German of the Mitchell Community School Safety Committee thanked the Mitchell Community School Board for their cooperation and safety measures already implemented over the last few years.

Dr. Comer highlighted some of those improvements the school board already enacted or improved safety measures. These include installation of better camera system for the campuses to be monitored at all times, one way window coverings, keyless entry systems, and identification system for staff and visitors.

The Safety Committee meets as needed and when situations warrant to review policies when other events in other schools would call for the review of current policies.

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