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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held Friday 18th and J Streets following street improvements

BEDFORD - OCTOBER 28, 2022 - Mayor Sam Craig held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the intersection of 18th and J Streets at noon today.

The intersection was a rough place, especially with the street running railroad that made a sharp incline and if motorist going to fast, they would soon learn with crunch of their vehicle.

CSX removed the rails, the mayor Craig wanted to make the intersection safer and improved for the motorist who pass by on a daily basis.

The city made improvements to the stormwater infrastructure prior to working on the roadway.

The city fire department make several runs going through the intersection, and this will improve response times both for the city, and county as the Bedford Fire Department responds to extrication runs out in the county.

In addition, today, is 1st Responder Day with the Mayor both the police department and fire department for their service to the city.

In 2022, there were over 5.5 miles of city streets were paved, and in 2021 both I Street and J Street were also paved. Some of the money were from Community Crossings Grant, Bedford Development Commission, and city Motor Vehicle Highway funds.

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