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Response to a subscriber: Why Do You not Cover Mitchell Sports over BNLHS Sports

LAWRENCE CONTY - MARCH 31, 2023 - This is a very fair question by a subscriber and this is my response to it.

Why does Mitchell Sports do not get the attention as does BNL Sports. I thought we were one county working together to build our students. Just curious. Thanks for all you do.

Photo: Lady Stars Basketball Team heads to practice for the IHSAA championship

This is my response to the question:

Question are you asking why Mitchell gets all the attention and BNL does not or is this question reversed. To somewhat answer your question, I do not cover sports very good at all. I am not a sports writer, so to be honest I avoid even writing about sports. I do try to cover special events such as the opening ceremony of both the football and baseball fields at Mitchell. I covered the track team last season on the Unified Sports for their success and winning the state championship. When BNL did their turf fields I was still at WBIW and that information and event was covered by their sports writer. I wrote more than 4,500 news stories last year by myself working almost 19 hours a day sometimes. Unfortunately, I do not cover some things, as good as I would like. Feel free to reach out to me and respond to this because I appreciate feedback. Thanks for reaching out to me,

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Thank you for your support!

Bill Raines

Editor Lawrence County Zephyr

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