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Residents Can Retire U.S. Flags at Lawrence County Courthouse

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (February 15, 2022) - Residents of Lawrence County can retire their tattered flags at the Lawrence County Courthouse.

Lawrence County Commissioners Dustin Gabhart, President Rodney Fish, and Wally Branham

Lawrence County Commissioners authorized the placement of the flag retirement box in front of the Veterans Affairs office located on the bottom floor of the courthouse.

When the box gets full, they will then be taken to the American Legion Post on X Street to be properly disposed of.

Displaying a flag outside for all to see, where it will experience different temperatures and ever-changing weather, will result in a worn flag eventually – even the best flags.

With the average outdoor flag statistically only lasting about 90 days (Star Spangled Flags are not average), it is possible you will have at least a few old ones that are ripped, tattered, or in some other way worn out and damaged, ready for disposal by the end of the year.

With all the meaning it holds, it would be wrong to throw them in the trash. But few people know what to do with old American flags. What is the proper way to retire an American flag?


While it is not illegal, much of the younger generation does not realize the disrespect associated with throwing away an American flag. Or maybe you knew you shouldn’t toss it in the garbage but didn’t know any other way to get rid of it. Well, we are here to tell you how to properly dispose of an American flag.

Properly Disposing of a Tattered American Flag (Respectfully)

1. Donate Tattered Flags

Normally burning the flag is listed as the first option, but there may be some concerns. Will the fumes be bad for the environment or your health? What if you don’t have a place to build a fire?

Flags are made from a much wider range of products now than they used to be when the US Flag Code was first created. Depending on what kind you have will determine if it contains materials that produce dangerous fumes when burned. If you feel unsafe trying that method or don’t have the resources, not to worry, there are plenty of other options. That’s why we first recommend giving older flags to qualified organizations like the VFW or American Legion as the best option. Donating is a great US flag disposal technique. Around your community there are places that you can drop a tattered American flag off for them to dispose of. To make it easier we have created a map below showing “American flag disposal near me” where you will see a list of local drop-off centers and depository boxes.

(Lawrence County Courthouse)

Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford Indiana

Flag disposal locations such as your local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts, American Legion, and Boy and Girl Scout organizations, even some Walmart and Home Depot locations will gladly take them to recycle or burn. VFW flag disposal locations offer these services to ensure the flags get thrown away properly if others do not have the means to.

You can also check your local hardware or grocery stores for a flag drop box, a container to collect old American flags for donation. This provides a quick and easy solution for those who are busy to make sure their old flags are taken care of properly.

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