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Rescue Robin Fundraiser to Begin October 1st - $30,000 in 30 Days for River Humane Society

BEDFORD - AUGUST 15, 2022 - The Rescue Robin Fundraiser for the White River Humane Society will begin on October 1, 2022, this year.

Last year's Rescue Robin

The event will again take place on the property of Rural King and Gear Works will again help transport the castle to the location where Robin Compton will camp out until the funds are raised for his release.

The goal this year is to raise $30,000 for 30 days with several activities and engaging things planned as Compton lives outside with his huskies.

More details of this exciting event will be announced throughout the month of September. Additional information on what kind of services the White River Humane Society provides in Lawrence County will be featured.

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