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Relief Effort for Buckhorn, Kentucky Raises $2,000 with Supplies Collected

BEDFORD - AUGUST 9, 2022 - The relief efforts to aid Buckhorn, Kentucky raised $2,000 and relief supplies were collected.

Life Mission Ministries set up at the Tractor Supply on West 16th Street and collected a half trailer full of the supplies.

" We want to thank Tractor Supply for their generosity and allowing us to set up there. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the mission," said Maria Foodrill.

Buckhorn, Kentucky is the town that Life Ministries took donations to twice a year for the last 12 years. The town is suffering and in is great need at this time.

" In the Spring of 2000 Life Ministries started a program " Love in Motion Outreach". We made arrangements with Buckhorn Resource Center to bring food, clothing for distribution to those in need in the Appalachian area. We never realized the friendships we would form with the people we are coming to help, they become more than friends they became family," said Pastor Michael Nicholson, Love in Motion Outreach.

" We made two trips a year for thirteen years, the communities from surrounding counties supported our efforts for those thirteen years with a mere 8,000 pounds of food, clothing, furniture, appliances and toys,"

This Appalachian Mountain area has suffered great loss with the devasting floods, some have lost everything. Along with the fundraiser planned on Saturday, the church is looking to bring larger much needed items such as furniture, and appliances, food, and clothing in October, during Fall Break.

" We hope to be able to get youth, and teen groups involved to make the trip with us. We have been blessed to help our friends and families in the Appalachian Mountain area and we know those who help us will also be blessed," Nicholson concluded.

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