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Redman Pulls Out Victory Over Four Other Opponents

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 4, 2022 - The Lawrence County District 1 race had several candidates to choose from including former Lawrence County Commissioner Bill Spreen.

In the end, Amy Redman pulled out a win getting 35 percent of the vote over the closest vote getter Jeff McKnight with 489 votes.

" I am very excited to see the faith that Lawrence County and district 1 specifically had in me. I won't to thank my opponents and it was a good race. Everyone brought something unique to the table," said Redman following Tuesday night's win.

" I am ready to get to work," Redman concluded.

  • Amy Redman - 489 votes

  • Jeff McKnight - 433 votes

  • Bill Spreen - 342 votes

  • Ryan Turner - 96 votes

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