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Recount Expected in Pleasant Run Township Advisory Board Race

HELTONVILLE - NOVEMBER 8, 2022 - According to Libertarian Party Chairman Darin Kinser a recount is expected in the Pleasant Run Township Advisory Board Race.

There was only one vote separating Libertarian Candidate Carrie Atkins (170) and Republican candidate James Edsel Ford (171).

An election recount is a process by which votes cast in an election are re-tabulated to verify the accuracy of the original results. Recounts typically occur in the event of close margin of victory, following accusations of election fraud, or due to the possibly of administration errors. Recounts can either occur automatically or be requested by a candidate or voters.

The recount in Indiana is no later than 14 days after the election. If a candidate does not meet that deadline, his or her party chair has three extra days to request a recount. No margin is required there is no set deadline for completion.

The person requesting the recount pays for the recount. The costs are repaid if the recount changes the election. A partial recount can be requested.

Any voter can request a recount in a ballot measure. In order to make such a request the voter must petition containing signatures from at least 10 percent of th total number of voters who voted on the measure in question. The requester is responsible for costs associated with the recount.

"We are looking at recount as the race was very close, we will be talking to Lawrence County Clerk Billie Tumey in the near future about getting that recount started," said Darin Kinser Chairman of Libertarian Party in Lawrence County.

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