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Ralph "Froggie" Poole Retires from Umpiring After 39 Years of Service to the Bedford Parks Dept.

BEDFORD - MAY 17, 2022 - A longtime fixture to the Bedford Parks Department's softball season was a dedicated individual who umpired several games and tournaments.

Ralph " Froggie" Poole honored for 39 years of umpiring for the Bedford Softball Association

After 39 years of service, Ralph has decided it was time to spend more time with his family and retired from umpiring.

Poole received congratulations on his well-deserved appreciation to the Bedford Softball Association

Monday evening Gary Dorsett honored this icon with accolades, awards, and nomination to USA Softball Hall of Service.

" Mr. Poole has been an umpire for 39 years of the Bedford Softball Association, with Poole umpiring league tournaments, series tournaments and state tournaments. Poole's dedication to the league, and the game itself has set the tone for the umpires," said Gary Dorsett in comments about Poole.

Poole threw the ceremonial first pitch at the start of the softball season for the Bedford Park's Department.

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