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Purdue Extension and Hoosier Uplands 21st Century After School Programing

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 14, 2022 - In partnership with Hoosier Uplands, Purdue Extension- Lawrence County has provided interactive learning activities to students involved in the 21st Century After School programs at three Lawrence County Schools.

The goal of the program is to assist students in reaching their full potential, both academically and socially. Students are given time to do homework, eat at snack, and engage in social activities with their peers.

Led by Purdue Extension with the assistance from Lawrence County 4-H Junior Leaders, once a month, students in the After School Program participated in various activities to help better connect to their minds, bodies, and nature.

Extension Educators utilized the "Mindful Me" and " Nature of Teaching" curriculum to provide students with interactive and age-appropriate lessons.

One lesson covered by the Health Human Science Educator, Grace Thompson, students were asked to join a quiet, walk outside. They were asked to use their five senses to take notice of the world around them.

During the walk, students focused on how their breathing changed and were taught how to be more in tune with both their bodies and nature. Students then drew their favorite place in nature to share with their peers.

Additional lessons included education on the production of food, yoga, trees within the community and mood management.

Through these lessons students were able to practice mindfulness of their minds and bodies, while connecting with nature and their community. This partnership has continued through the new school year.

After school programs provide students to enjoy a wide range of benefits in keeping students safe and allowing parents a peace of mind.

The programs build life skills, provide physical activity.


  • 35,397 Total minutes of Education provided to Youth and Adults

  • 1,028 Client Consultations

  • 10,599 Total number of in-person and virtual participants

  • 91,862 Social Media Reach from September 2022- August 2022

  • 460 4-H Members enrolled 2021-2022

  • 2,215 4-H Exhibits Checked in at the 2022 Lawrence County 4-H Fair

  • 133 Volunteers who served the Lawrence County youth in 2022

  • 422 Education programing held from September 2021 to August 2022

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