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Public Hearing to be announced at later date on Southview Terrace Apartments Condemnation

BEDFORD - JULY 10, 2023 - Bedford Planning Director Brandon Woodward told the Lawrence County Zephyr that a public hearing will be announced on the condemnation of several apartments located at 29th Street and Ted Jones Drive in Bedford.

This notice will be given so the public can attend the meeting. Lawrence County Zephyr will provide live coverage when that meeting takes place.

The Bedford Planning Department put out notices on Friday afternoon.

"There is no one evicted from any of the apartments," stated Woodward.

The public hearing will give the property owners a time to respond and given notice of what is expected from the city to get the apartments back open.

This process is the second in Lawrence County were last Monday the City of Mitchell evicted several residents from 615 Main Street in Mitchell.

Lawrence County is facing a housing crisis like, many cities across the United States. Affordable, safe and clean housing is difficult to be able to find, especially where the economy is not the best.

Lawrence County Zephyr is monitoring developments on this story.


Grand opening on Thursday July 15, at 10:00 am the ribbon cutting at 11:00 am

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