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Public Hearing on Water Rate Changes and Changes - Increase Water Rates - Monday

BEDFORD - JULY 16, 2O22 - A public hearing on Water Rates and Changes Due to Repeal of Utility Receipts Tax and increase in Water Rates

Water Rate Changes Excuse the sign just a pun on this Bedford City Council Public hearing on Monday -

Agenda is listed below:

City of Bedford

Public Hearing


Council Meeting

July 18th, 2022

7:00 PM

StoneGate Arts & Education Center

931 15th Street

Public Hearing – Proposed Water Rates And Charges Due To The Repeal Of Utility

Receipts Tax And Increase In Water Rates As A Result Of Said Repeal – Misty Adams

Prayer –

Pledge Of Allegiance

Call To Order

Reading And Approval Of Minutes – June 21, 2022

Old Business

1. Third & Final Passage Of Ordinance 8-2022 – Amending Zone Map For Daryl Peterson- 2604 35th Street – From B-3 Planned Business District To I-1 Industrial Light District – Brandon Woodward

New Business

1. Compliance With Statement Of Benefits For LNL Empire Group LLC– Real Estate Improvements –Extensive Interior And Exterior Rehab Of Existing C Store On One Acre Of Land. Building Extending West And East Walls 20ft And Extending South Wall 60ft. Adding Second Story To The Building, New Roof, Plumbing, Electric And Trusses. Adding Car Wash, Lift Station And Automatic Gas Pumps – Resolution 5-2014 - Debbie Deckard (Turpen & Deckard)

2. Compliance With Statement Of Benefits – DS FAB & TOOL INC – For The Purpose Of Manufacturing Machinery For The Limestone Industry - Personal Property – 1-2016- Greg Stokes (Stokes & Housel)

3. Compliance With Statement Of Benefits – Lee Cuba – Real Estate Improvements – Construction Of New Manufacturing Facility - Resolution 6- 2015 – Lee Cuba

4. Request Approval And Acceptance Of SB-1 Tax Abatement For General Motors LLC – Personal Property - Install Machinery, Equipment And Special Tooling Necessary To Produce Electric Vehicle

Related Components, And Resolution 6-2022 – Approving And Establishing Deductions For Personal Property Tax Abatement – Mayor Sam Craig, John Blanchard and Troy Kennedy (General Motors)

5. Ordinance 10 – 2022 – Amending Insurance Coverage For Retirees – Mayor Sam Craig, Denise Henderson

6. Ordinance 11-2022 – Amending Zone Map - Stephen Cole – 2627 Q Street And 1717 27th Street – From B-3 To R-3 - Brandon Woodward

7. Ordinance 12-2022 – Water And Sewer Fee Increase – Misty Adams

8. StoneGate Arts & Education Center Budget Update – Linda Henderson (StoneGate)

9. Discussion

10. Adjourn

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