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Public Hearing on Southview Terrace Apartments to be conducted Friday morning

BEDFORD - JULY 24, 2023 - The Bedford Plan Commission will be conducting a public hearing on the Southview Terrace Apartments that are located at 29th Street and Ted Jones Drive in Bedford.

The public hearing will be held on Friday July, 28, 2023 at 9:00 am at the City Concourse located at 1414 H Street in Bedford, Indiana.

Bedford City Councilman and hearing officer will preside over the meeting.

No one from the apartment buildings have been evicted from their rented apartments according to Bedford Plan Director Brandon Woodward. There are no plans to evict anyone from their apartments Woodward told the Lawrence County Zephyr.

On July 9, 2023, Lawrence County Zephyr first learned of the condemnation of several apartments which are owned by Jeffery Jones according to property records obtained by the Lawrence County Zephyr.

Photo: Southview Apartments on 29th Street several apartments have been condemned by the City of Bedford

The city is hoping to work with the property owner in resolving the many issues with the apartments.


This is the second type of action that Lawrence County municipal governments and Plan Commissions have taken against property owners of apartments.

In Mitchell, Indiana the Lawrence County Zephyr have also reached out to the Indiana State Fire Marshal's Office in regards to a partial collapsed building in the 600 block of Main Street in Mitchell, which is two separate issues within the City of Mitchell that are underway.

Photo: Hooper Construction started work on the a partial collapsed building in Mitchell, Indiana in the 600 block of Main Street. The City of Mitchell told residents it would not impose any fines on the property owner as required by their code enforcement. Former Mayor J.D. England, acting Mayor Larry Caudell, and current Mayor Nathan Jenkins did not want any fines imposed on the property owner at the property owner's request

Mitchell City officials told the public that a engineering study of the property was not needed and that the city would not impose any fines on the property owner during the process.

The Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins told the public during an city council meeting that if the tenants did not move that they will be jailed. Asked about any fines or enforcement on the property owner and they Mayor Jenkins responded there was nothing the town could do to the property owner.

Lawrence County Zephyr will be covering the public hearing in Bedford on the resolution for the Southview Terrace Apartments, and developments in regards to the Main Street eviction of Mitchell residents.

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