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Public Hearing Bedford Plan Commission Tuesday

BEDFORD - ( April 8, 2022) - The Bedford Plan Commission will meet on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. at the City Concourse located at 1414 H Street.

The agenda is listed below:

Call to Order:

Reading of the minutes: March 8, 2022 at 4pm

Old Business:

1. Public hearing for Mike Wood who is requesting a rezone of his property

located at 1820 Washington Avenue Bedford, IN. 47421. Mike is wishing to

turn this property into a duplex. Currently the property is zoned B-1

Convenience Business and Mike wishes to rezone it to R-2 to allow for the

two-family dwelling.

New Business:

1. Preliminary hearing for Rachel Malicoat (PipJay Properties, LLC) who is

requesting a rezone of the property located at 1600 Williams Rd. Bedford,

IN. 47421. Currently the property has two zoning districts one being Mobile

Home and the other being B-2 Central Business District. They wish to use

part of the property for Personal Storage Units, impound lot and offices. To

allow for this type of use they request the property be zoned to I-1 Light

Industrial District.

2. Preliminary hearing for Jason Delaney who is requesting a minor

subdivision of his property located at 1402 2 nd Street and 205 N Street

Bedford, IN. 47421. Currently there are two homes located on this property

and Jason wishes to separate the existing property into two parcels.



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