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Prosecutor Arp Working to Keep Jail Population Down

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (January 26, 2021) - During the Lawrence County Council meeting Tuesday night Lawrence County Prosecutor gave an update for 2021.

Prosecutor Samuel Arp II works to keep Lawrence County Jail Population down

Prosecutor Arp says his office continues to work to keep the jail population down. " We are sending those to prison, those criminals who cannot follow the rules and who continue to cycle through our justice system. We will not tolerate this kind of behavior," said Arp.

Recently, several criminals who have been sent on to the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Arp thanked the local law enforcement officers helping to improve the local justice system. Arp pointed out during his presentation there were 125 theft cases at Wal-Mart alone, with the self-checkout contributing to the uptick in theft cases.

Cases filed:

2019 - 1849 cases

2020 - 1783 cases

2021 - 1,344 cases

In 2019 There were 422 Infractions, 217, Level 1 - 5 Felonies, 614 Level 6 Felonies

There are approximately 2,800 open cases at this time, some that are left over from the previous years.

2021 Felony Statistics released:

Battery cases - 14

Sex crimes - 8

Child Molestation - 6

Arson - 2

Burglary - 25

Drugs - 482

Handgun - 10

Neglect of Dependent - 8

Other felony cases - 1502 cases

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