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Property transfers Lawrence County , Indiana October 23, 2023

PROPERTY TRANSFERS - OCTOBER 23,2023 - Lawrence County, Indiana

  • Robbins Lane, Williams, Indiana - David Pinnick and Rebecca Pinnick, Williams, IN sold to Bobby and Arlana Wilson in the amount of $5,000

  • 84 North Street, Williams, IN- David and Becky Pinnick, Williams, IN - Sold to Landon and Kori Clark, Williams, IN in the amount of $25,000

  • 103 Mapleton Drive, Bedford,IN - Jenifer Morgan, Bedford, IN - sold to Jon Woody and Vicki Woody, Bedford, IN in the amount of $410,000

  • 1410 20th Street Bedford, IN - William and Shaina Abernathy, Bedford, IN sold to Carolyn Vorndran in the amount of $230,000

  • 20 Meadow Moor Way, Mitchell, IN - Secretary of Housing, Altanta GA, sold to Alan Robinson in the amount of $158,000

  • 1062 Burton Cemetery Road Mitchell, IN - Emanuel Hershberger and Mary Hershberger, Mitchell, IN sold to Henry and Elizabeth Yoder, Mitchell, IN in the amount of $115,470

  • 3693 Old State Road 37, Bedford, IN -Nancy Deckard, Bedford, IN and Katrina Sykes, Bedford, IN sold to Brian and Katherine Heckard, Bedford, IN in the amount of $170,500

  • 3361 Coveyville Road, Bedford, IN- Joseph and Tiffany Kidwell, Bedford, IN sold to Priority Home Investments Llc and Indiana LLC, Bloomington, IN in the amount of $24,000

  • 2450 Rabbitsville Road Mitchell, Indiana - Jacob Turpin, Mitchell, IN sold to Chad and Saundra Woznick, Mitchell in the amount of $99,000

  • 373 Avoca/ Eureka Road Bedford, IN - Greg Day Sheriff Lawrence County, Indiana sold to Whitney Chastain, Bedford, IN in the amount of $23,101

  • 1515 Old US 50 East, Bedford, IN - Ronald and Ginger Ratcliff Bedford, IN sold to Gregory Smoot, Bedford, IN in the amount of $150,000

  • 1117 O Street Bedford, IN - Calvary Chapel Church, Bedford, IN sold to Lillian Carver, Bedford in the amount of $174,900

  • 352 Briarwood Lane, Bedford, IN - Kevin Silvers sold to Katherine and Dakota Mork, Bedford,,IN in the amount of $230,000

  • 445 Dale Street Mitchell, IN - Paul and Marilyn Meyer, Bedford, IN sold to Jesse Clark Mitchell, IN in the amount of $112,500

  • 1421 South Meridian Road , Mitchell, IN - Lisa Tincher Representative Estate of Margaret Buck sold to Donald Buck in the amount of $190,000

  • 533 Vincennes Road Mitchell, IN - Ann Nicholson Huron, IN sold to Stephen Alvey, Mitchell, IN in the amount of $166,000

  • 1099 State Road 158 Williams, Indiana - Roger and Susan Porter, Willliams, IN sold to BJ and Anne Bingham, North Vernon, IN in the amount of $80,000


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