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PRD was awarded six ten-year tax abatements in Lawrence County

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 27, 2023 - PRD located at 747 Washboard Road was granted a total of six ten-year tax abatements for the company. The company updated the Lawrence County Council Tuesday night on their tax abatements.

The Lawrence County Council has not heard any updates from the companies for more than two years. Lawrence County president Jeff Lytton invited all the companies to their meeting with Jackson County REMC already presenting their update last month.

The tax abatements included the purchase and installation of manufacturing presses, new molding injection machines, and hopper dryers for the company. The purchase of the machines totaled of more $14 Million.

The company has 128 employees with salaries totaling over $5.5 million. The company was expected to hire 141 employees by the time the project was completed.

The tax abatement includes $4.4 Million in personal property tax assessed value.

With the COVID pandemic the company was able to keep full steam ahead with being able to bring needed tax revenue and jobs to Lawrence County.

PRD serves the automotive, industrial, medical, electronics and government making injection molds.

PRD was part of the Marshall Township TIF district that has been discontinued by the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission.

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