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"Potters Clay" Ministers Through Music Last Saturday at Thornton Park

BEDFORD - JUNE 1, 2023 - On Saturday "Potters Clay" a Southern Gospel Music Band ministered through music on Saturday afternoon at the Thornton Park Shelter House.

Instrumental by the group Potter's Clay Southern Gospel Band

The group started out as a trio about ten years ago. The group started with Steve Warthan, his wife Becky and Brother-In-Law. Warthan help organize the group.

The group consists of Becky Warthan, Keyboard, James Gatter, Lead Guitar, Eric James, Bass player, Ed Arthur, Drummer, and Nate and Krista Marlin.

Video: " Cover Me in Peace"

The group mostly plays southern gospel music, and some contemporary music.

Video: God on the Mountain

The group plays for various churches, and by invitation about 12 times a year.

For more information about the group contact Steve Warthan at 812-585-2297 or Becky Warthan at 812-585-2299.

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