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Popcorn Christian Church Served as Pillar/Rock For 69 Years for One Member

Updated: Aug 13

POPCORN, INDIANA - AUGUST 11, 2022 - Peggy Humphrey has been a member of one Lawrence County's oldest churches for more than 69 years.

Dale and Peggy Humphrey wedding August 31, 1952 at Popcorn Christian Church almost 70 years ago

The Popcorn Christian Church nestled in the valley in Perry Township's northwestern corner has served parishioners for over 150 Years.

Popcorn Church will celebrate 150 Year Anniversary August 28th with their annual sheep roast

For Humphrey who will be 89 years old in November; she started out life in the church with her wedding of her late husband Dale. The couple who united in marriage on August 31, 1952, and them becoming members of the church in 1953.

The couple raised their children Carol, Brian and Craig in the church.

Life is filled with swift transitions, and the years of staying in one church for that long is almost unheard of; in most churches of today.

Peggy served as Secretary/Treasurer of the congregation for many years which she overseen many of the projects, looks of the building, shelter house, and construction of the Family Life Center for church members.

Popcorn Family Life Center was built with no debt, and members used their own skills to help construct it.

" This place has friendly, loving, fabulous group of members who make the church a wonder place to be. I still attend every Sunday and still love being part of this group of people," said Humphrey.

The members of the church had ebbs and flows of the first members just being from the local community to growing into a larger congregation from throughout the area.

The church just welcomed a new pastor Andy Fish a couple weeks ago. Humphrey recalling some of her favorite ministers over time was Thruston Scott and Jerry Wiseley who have pastored over the years of the church.

" I loved the way they just preached from the bible giving us direction in our lives," said Humphrey telling of how Pastor Scott was one of her favorites.

There are times when life gets difficult and losing both her husband Dale and son Brian was very difficult.

" The church is my rock, it got me through a period of two years that were very hard. I lost my husband in 2007, and son Brian in 2009 and with God being the first, and my church family being second I got through this place in my life," said Humphrey.

Humphrey invited youth, adults and older couples to visit this friendly group of people.

Popcorn Christian Church will celebrate their 150th year following services with their annual Sheep Roast on August 28th. The public is invited to join the parishioners in ushering in this new milestone.

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